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Stay Zen | Lorenzo Aimo, 15, Italy
Anonimo asked: Do you really want to know? Ahhaha My mom is italian and my dad english, so i live in England! E parlo un po di italiano 😌 (is that correct? lol)

Oooh! I was in Cantebury this week! :)
Ahaha yep it’s correct :)
And what’s your name? ☺️☺️

Anonimo asked: I'm 15, like u lol

Ahahah sorry but now I’m 16 😏
Where r u from?

Anonimo asked: So you like the bright colors! I like grey too but i prefer black :)

Mmh yep, but sometimes I wear black, grey or blue. :)
Aw, so how old are u? :)